DV1 Basecoat

Basecoat Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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DV1 Basecoat Basecoat Gravity Feed Spray Gun



We’ve been investing in the science of atomization since 1888, and in that time we’ve made some major advancements. And now our persistence, experience, dedication and talent has helped us create a real game changer. A spray gun with superior performance and efficiency “ a real stroke of genius.

We’ve completely re-engineered the fluid tip design for the DV1 using our unique Laminar Flow Architecture. The new range of fluid tips have been engineered to provide the smoothest path for fluid to travel resulting in faster application rates, more stable flow rates and consistent performance, particularly with the latest, very low viscosity materials.

The DeVilbiss engineers have stabilized the primary atomization zone within the fluid tips and Laminar Flow Architecture technology significantly reduces the turbulent energy that can be found within the tips. What does this mean to you? Improved efficiency, a reduction in material consumption and even more control over application regardless of paint brand and climatic conditions.

The fit and feel of DeVilbiss spray guns are legendary. The DV1 employs the latest generation ergonomics and lightweight materials for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue – you don’t have to work hard to work smart. Every part of the DV1 has been designed and engineered for maximum performance, comfort and usability and cleaning couldn’t be easier with DV1’s smooth, easy to clean lines.

Precision engineered in solid brass, even the air cap has undergone a technical revolution. Precision drilling and advanced Air Management Kinetics have taken atomization performance to a new level, whilst significantly reducing noise. The cap also features a fast action thread ensuring rapid removal and replacement.

Professional automotive refinishers know that the key to performance in any spray gun is what’s known as œthe front end. The fluid tip and needle and of course, the all important air cap. With the DV1 we’ve achieved world-beating atomization with high application speeds, at lower air pressures.  We’ve learned how to control the chaotic event that occurs every time the trigger is pulled. The result is superior atomization performance, by maintaining a consistent particle size throughout the spray pattern, ensuring accurate color reproduction and flake lay, even with the notoriously difficult, highly pigmented silver basecoats. This means you get the job right first time, every time – reducing material consumption and maximizing your earnings potential.
Improving the gun’s ergonomics ensures the DV1 feels natural, like an extension of your arm, making it easier to move around with. To go with your own flow. After all, it’s the car that should be glistening, not your forehead.Clever design makes the DV1 simple to use, but also easier to clean. That’s because it was designed by the people who know best. Spray gun engineers. We’ve been there, done it. We know what’s important in a gun.Take for example, the air control valve. For the first time ever, we’ve combined it with the air inlet. This gives you a more consistent air flow, but it also makes the gun lighter and easier to clean, as there’s one less part.The components are quick to remove and low maintenance, which results in time savings. Critical in business. And what’s more, they’re tough. Everything’s made to last. Even down to the PTFE coated springs. So, there’s no need to keep changing parts. You can focus on the job in hand. NOISE – Less noise for your comfort, especially for the longer project.

  • PARTICLE SIZE – Consistently achieves a narrow color window for the closest color matching.
  • TURBULENCE CONTROL – New advanced fluid tip design reduces turbulence, minimizing mottling/clouding.
  • OPERATOR CONTROL – A new combined air inlet and air control valve with 12 x higher precision sensitivity for smoother air control.
  • TRANSFER EFFICIENCY- Reduced air pressure resulting in improved spray pattern control, atomization consistency and improved transfer efficiency.
  • CONSISTENT ATOMIZATION – The DV1 air caps, with advanced internal geometry, result in a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern for a perfect finish.

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