The AG-360 Automatic spray gun Series from DeVilbiss is available in various spray gun formats to provide an all-encompassing and universal automatic finishing solution for all applications.

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All AG-360 Series Automatic guns, AG-361, AG-362 and AG-363, are designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance due to the streamlined configuration. The guns are designed to function in tough working environments of today’s finishing industry. A minimum number of replacement spare parts ensure long life and reliability. for a maximum productivity with minimal downtime. The AG-361 and AG-362 can be configured in a comprehensive range of conventional, HVLP or TransTech Air Caps providing a choice for environmental compliance, transfer efficiency, atomization and application requirements. The series features simple construction, stainless steel fluid passages, compact size and weight, and multiple options.

AG-361 Automatic Gun
The AG-361 Non-Manifold Gun is a low pressure air atomizing gun for fin finishing and general industrial applications. The gun is designed with stainless steel gun head and fluid passages for use with all coating types. Air caps available in HVLP, TransTech and conventional atomization technology. Typical mounting configurations include rotary and carousel, reciprocators & transverse equipment, robot & complex gun movers and fixed spray stations. the AG-361E is designed for ceramic and enamel applications. The gun features a dedicated air cap range for superior application of coatings onto sanitary-ware, tableware and all ceramic-ware. Special o-ring needle packing designed for water-base abrasive particle coatings.

AG-362 Automatic Gun
The AG-362 guns are available with two different design manifolds allowing you to choose the layout of air/fluid connection and method of gun attachment allowing the addition of a quick detachable manifold base. The AG-362L lever operated version is the ideal choice for fastest removal. The AG-362S offers screw attachment version with multiple machine mounting options and smaller size. The AG-362 Series also features the AG-362P (petite) small head version application. A modified manifold mounted gun designed for the precision application of coating cosmetics packaging and glassware. The gun utilizes Petite precision air caps and fluid nozzles specifically designed for this type of application. For extra-fine fluid control, the gun is fitted with micrometer vernier needle control knob assembly that allows ultra-fine precision fluid setting.

AG-363 Automatic Gun
Completing the product range, the AG-363 is an air assisted airless automatic spray gun. Invaluable for high speed, high efficiency spraying and built for tough environments.


  • A comprehensive range of CONVentional, HVLP and Trans Tech (Compliant) Air caps provide a choice of Environmental compliance, Transfer Efficiency, Atomization power and application requirements.
  • Simple construction and easy maintenance for minimal down-time.
  • Stainless Steel Fluid Passageways for Water based & Solvent based coating applications.
  • Quick detachable mounting manifolds provide fast and easy maintenance.
  • Compact size and weight for easy positioning and precise alignment.
  • Multiple options and formats to evolve for all application requirements
  • Independent Fan, Atomizing and Trigger Air – vital for Robotic and fully automatic machine applications.
  • Using the acknowledged market leading low Pressure Air Atomization technology from DeVilbiss, the AG-360 automatic spray gun series has been developed to provide a blend of finish quality, engineering robustness and superior Transfer Efficiency.

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