The Binks AG-363 combines the best features of Air Assisted Airless atomization and Binks engineering to provide a superior atomization and finish quality coupled with the highest possible transfer efficiencies, resulting in significant paint savings while complying with the toughest EPA regulations.

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The AG-363 Binks gun combines the essential characteristics of Airless Air Assisted spraying and Binks technology, to guarantee high levels of spraying and quality of finish, maximum transfer efficiency, thus allowing very significant savings in product, in compliance with the most rigorous standards of the APE standard.

AG363 is an automatic Airless Air Assisted gun of the latest generation which can be quickly unhooked from the base using an Allen key to perform maintenance and service operations. This feature, exclusive to Binks, dramatically reduces downtime and increases productivity.

The Binks AG-363 Gun is suitable for multi-gun machines where consistent high gun quality performance and application flexibility are critical factors to ensure high productivity and high performance results.

Typical applications:

  • Installations with a fixed gun,
  • Rotary machines,
  • Vertical and horizontal reciprocators,
  • Robot applicators.
  • Types of compatible materials / coatings:
  • Solvent-based and water-soluble UV products included,
  • Paints, stains and lacquers,
  • Inks and dyes,
  • Insulating Products And Primers,
  • Most sprayable products.
  • Special base connection with one screw: easy and quick disassembly for maintenance and cleaning operations, reducing production downtime
  • HVLP technology air cap: excellent spray characteristics, transfer rate efficiency and high quality finishes
  • Air cap with optional 15 ° indexing: quick and precise positioning of the air cap and nozzle
  • Manual adjustable air controls: easy to adjust jet shape and width
  • Stainless steel gun head and fluid passages: compatibility for water-soluble and solvent-based applications
  • Needle and seat in tungsten carbide: long service life and higher abrasion resistance
  • Selectable product recirculation: through the gun head or at the base

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