The Binks Trophy Series Automatic Gun is the premier gun for use in automatic applications

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Trophy Auto


Binks Trophy Series Automatic Guns

Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns incorporate some of the best features of our popular Trophy hand gun. The Trophy automatic offers total control of atomizing air pressure, side port air, fluid flow, and spray patterns in high and low production settings.  The latest advancements in atomization technology have been incorporated for achieving consistent, fine finishes when spraying a wide range of industrial coatings. The guns are offered in three different atomization technologies: HVLP, LVMP and Conventional. Binks Trophy Series Guns can be outfitted with a variety of fluid tips designed and manufactured to handle a broad range of application materials.

Trophy Series Air Caps. Fluid Nozzles and Needles

Binks engineering has developed a broad selection of air caps to provide customers with the right gun with the perfect air cap for the job. The air caps provide uniform spray patterns with consistent atomization from top to bottom.  Our fluid nozzles are offered in three different options; stainless steel, plastic or tungsten carbide. stainless steel fluid nozzles are hardened and last 20% longer*.The stainless steel nozzles are used for general purpose and a wide variety of coatings. Plastic needles are typically used for very thin materials including NGR stains. Out tungsten carbide fluid nozzles and needles are typically used for abrasive materials such as porcelain and ceramics,

*Based on internal testing of existing Binks and competitor stainless steel. Tested over 1 million cycles.


The Binks Trophy Series Spray guns are ideal for a wide variety of materials and viscosities. These versatile guns can be used in all types of industrial applications.

  • Manual and Touch-up Spray Guns – A great finish for every size job and every size part
  • HVLP (Blue), LVMP (Green) and Conventional (Brown) Technologies – For optimal air cap performance while meeting environmental requirements
  • Pressure, Gravity and Suction Models – Will meet the needs of all applications
  • Fewer Gun Parts – Reduced maintenance, downtime and lower running costs
  • Longer Wearing Fluid Components – Reduce the cost of owning and maintaining your Trophy spray guns

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