Binks Maple Pump

Advanced, Air Operated, Horizontal Piston Pumps

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Advanced, Air Operated, Horizontal Piston Pumps


Binks Maple Pump


  • Low Ice lubricant free air motor with patented quick exhaust technology removes the risk of valve icing
  • Enclosed Bellows Seals – no exposed seals eliminating shaft packing lubrication and significantly reducing pump maintenance
  • Stainless steel fluid sections, ideal for waterborne, or solvent based paints
  • Tungsten Carbide ball seats and ceramic coated pistons ensure maximum, trouble free operating life
  • Equal thrust on each stroke produces a smooth, even paint flow
  • Control valve metal spool and sleeve for long life, incorporating our patented magnetic detent to eliminate stall conditions
  • Fluid connections guarantee a smooth internal flow and eliminate paint pockets for to ensure a superior finish
  • 5 year pump warranty on materials and workmanship
The Maple Pump is our advanced, air operated, horizontal piston pump for automotive and general industrial applications. This range of precision engineered pumps is designed to handle modern shear sensitive solvent and waterborne paints as well as pure solvents and other paint shop materials. The Maple Pump design combines an energy efficient air motor with our low shear fluid section technology providing a smooth consistent flow of material for both automatic and manual spray gun systems.

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