Development of a Graco 2K Electronic Proportioner System for the Automotive Industry


A Tier 1 interior automotive supplier was looking for a more accurate method of metering and mixing 2K coatings. Their current process consisted of hand mixing or "hot potting".


Through meetings with the customer we determined that this project would require us to provide and install an electronic 2K meter mix system. To simplify integration, major components had to be pre-assembled and tested before shipment to the customer. The meetings with the customer and plant personnel were valuable in determining the footprint that the equipment would need to fit in. We were also able to identify the customer's brand preferences for the equipment being provided. The electronic 2K metering system that we ultimately built and installed featured feed pumps, hoses, filters and all other peripherals, which are mounted to a free-standing frame.


Fluid Transfer Systems designed and fabricated the entire system in just four weeks. It was then delivered and installed to the customers of a Metro Detroit facility in one afternoon. The customer found that they decreased their paint waste stream significantly while improving mixing accuracy and repeatability. Paint related defects also decreased while uptime increased.

Project Highlights

Product Descripton

Accurately meter and mix 2K solvent base paint and supply material for two spray guns.
Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Product Design/Development
  • Material/Equipment Sourcing

Assembly - Peripheral Equipment and Components

Delivery and Installation


Gear Meter was selected, Spur and Coriolis are available.

Pressure Rating:

Capable of up to 4000 psi


Up to ± 1%, User Selectable.

Ratio Range:

0:1 to 50:1 by Volume.

Color Capability:

One color, one catalyst with expansion capabilities as more colors are added.


Modular platform allows machine to be configured for additional colors a robotic applications with closed loop flow.

In process testing/inspection performed:

Functionality Testing

Industry for Use:


Delivery/Turnaround Time:

4 weeks

Delivery Location:

Metro Detroit, Michigan

Standards Met:

Customer Specifications

Product Name:

Graco 2K Electronic Proportioner System
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